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Mother Miriam

Happily ever after, the sweetest of tales. Love conquers all without fail. Bear witness to the beauty of love and set sail together forever, as time will tell. 

Beware the cottage in the woods, for all may not be as picturesque as it seems. But if love, hard won, and lust everlasting is what you gleam, then enter and enjoy our wicked scenes. 

In Grimm's Dungeon lies your darkest fancies. Tales of unrestrained passion that dance with the shadows of your fears and love that fairs best in the dusk, that grew from showers of tears. Will you surrender to the depravity within, knowing that you may never see light again?


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Fairy Tales: Reloaded

Happily Ever After- Volume 1

Original Tale- Firebird

“…the one of you who will catch the Firebird, which is the thief of my golden apples, and will bring it to me alive, I will during my life give the half of the Tsardom, and he shall rule after me when I am dead.”

Lina Ravenhill

Lina Ravenhill lives in Massachusetts with her husband, Ben. Lina writes messy, funny, and action-filled paranormal romance, fantasy, and suspense. Vampire romance, dragon quests, and witches are simply more fun to write than the plain, normal stuff.


A group of thieves, one ancient vow, and a mission to save the world. When I arrived to Catanis, the annual masquerade concealed me from the prying eyes of people who are looking for me. Except for his eyes, that seem to follow me anywhere I go. I don’t know if I can escape this time…

Original Tale- Beauty and the Beast

Coming Soon!

Sienna Gypsy

As a writer, Sienna Gypsy is constantly pushing the boundaries of her creativity, and her unique perspective has won her a following of loyal readers who can't get enough of her captivating stories. With a talent that shows no signs of stopping, Sienna is sure to continue enchanting readers and making a name for herself in the literary world..

Mystical Embrace

🐺Damsel in Distress 🐺 lnsta Love 🐺 Multi POV 🐺 Dream Spice 🐺 Wolf Shifter 🐺 Found Family “Aurora,” she breathes, “What is yours?” Her name is beautiful, just as she is. I reply blindly, “Marcello. I’ve been waiting for you.”

Original Tale- The Ugly Duckling

It felt quite glad at all the need and mis- fortune it had suffered, now it realised its hap- piness in all the splendour that surrounded it. And the great swans swam round it, and stroked it with their beaks.

Ellie Lukas

Coming soon!


Coming soon!

Original Tale- Little Red Riding Hood

It felt quite glad at all the need and mis- fortune it had suffered, now it realised its hap- piness in all the splendour that surrounded it. And the great swans swam round it, and stroked it with their beaks.

Haven Fox

Coming Soon!

Mafia Tales: Red Riding Hood Edition

Coming Soon!

Original Tale-The Swan Princess

"I need to know that he loves me... for just being me."

Roxy Leigh

Raised in regional Australia, Roxy Leigh much prefers the kangaroo covered hills on the way to school pick up than the hustle bustle of the city. You can usually find Roxy with her nose buried in a book, more often than not a fantasy or dark romance. Writing a novel has always been a dream of hers, one that she is now making a reality! When not off in a fantasy world, you can find Roxy playing survival RPG's with her husband, crafting or baking with her daughters, and spending entirely too much time watching bad reality TV.

Black Swan

Octavia: Growing up as the daughter of the renowned Liam Hendrix, I assumed that I was the sole heir to my Fathers empire. Right up until he ripped the rug out from under my feet and demanded I marry a man of his choosing.  A man he sees fit to rule over the Hendrix Mafia. A role I've always coveted. Dean Lawson is my childhood best friend, my protector, and hot AF. But after he accused me of being a princess sitting idly in her ivory tower, I swore never to get too close to him again. Now we are being forced to marry a month from sunday. I refuse to be a broodmare, to marry someone so that they can take everything I've always wanted. I've got to get away. Start fresh somewhere else. If won't be that easy. It turns out my father isn’t the biggest monster I’ll have to face if I want my chance at freedom.

Fairy Tales: Reloaded

But Beware the Cottage in the Woods- Volume 2

Original Tale- Beauty and the Beast

"What great big eyes you have, Grandma." said Little Red Riding Hood. "All the better to see you with," the Wolf replied. He sat there watching her and smiled.

Meg Stratton

Meg is a new author working on her third book in her Oracle's Journey Series. She is excited every morning to get her hands on her cold brew before she has to be social. She is a huge advocate for indie authors starting the babyromanceauthors group to build up other new authors as she learned her way around the self-publishing world.

Red is for Roxy

The world is nothing like it was four years ago. Now a post-apocalyptic wasteland, my life changes when summoned to my MeeMaw's cottage. Sent on a rescue mission with three men, survival becomes our ultimate goal. Will we overcome the deadly creatures and challenges that lie ahead?

Original Tale- Wizard of OZ

"We're off to see the Wizard 

The wonderful Wizard of Oz 

We hear he is a whiz of a wiz If ever a wiz there was If ever, oh ever a wiz there was."

CM Tillman

CM Tillman is a Vegas native who ran away to the Idaho wilds with her two cats and husky. She can be found roaming the aisles in Target for things she doesn't need or hiding at home underneath her growing TBR pile.


Everyone has strange dreams once in a while but this one takes the cake. What does it say it about me that I dreamt up a sexy leather clad witch with green skin who likes to taunt me? I'm sure my therapist would have something to say about the magical shoes that release you from inhibitions. But reality sucks, especially after my aunt passed away, and this dream world might just be what I need.

Original Tale- Rapunzel

"Rapunzel, Rapunzel!

Let down your hair!"

AJ Ashton

AJ Ashton was born in 1972, in Derbyshire, UK. She still lives in the area, juggling a full-time job and being a mother. From the age of seven, after seeing a rather famous sci-fi film, for the first time. Her creativeness to write was born. Inspired by a strong princess being rescued by a notorious smuggler. She wrote sci-fi, but her passion was soon drawn to fantasy. Where the world of Zentos was born. Her novels are slow burn to medium spicy, high fantasy romantic adventures. Full of adventure, mysterious creatures, strong female characters and cinnamon roll heroes.

A Twist of Blonde Tresses

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair, so that I may climb thy golden stair. When Flynn, a best-selling author, arrives at the party at a mansion in the middle of nowhere, he meets the R, a mysterious and beautiful woman, who captivates him instantly. With her golden locks, long enough to wrap themselves around every part of him. With a gaze as haunting as her lips are red, and soon Flynn is under her spell. But is she really a beauty imprisoned from the world, or is there a darker truth lying beneath the fairy tale that has been passed down through generations.

Original Tale- Snow White

“Bless the seven little men who have been so kind to me, and—and may my dreams come true. Amen. Oh yes, and please make Grumpy like me.”

Roisin Visser

Ro divides her time between White Plains, NY and Delano, MN. A proud nerd, she can often be found browsing secondhand shops, taking a hike through a park, or engaging strangers in conversation. That’s when she doesn't have her nose in a book. An avid reader of thrillers and Reverse Harem romance, she’s a fan as much as an author of both.

Neve and the Sigma seven

Their nickname was an insult by their asshole fraternity President.                                                    The seven members who didn’t fall in line.
The Sigma seven...the seven dwarves...
The pre-med student
The grouchy civil engineering student
The happy go lucky elementary education student
The hypochondriac marching band drum major
The wide receiver college football star
The overworked graphic design student
The shy biomolecular science student
Until one fateful night when they find the stunning brunette passed out near the fraternity house this some kind of joke? It’s Rush Week at the University of Michigan, public intoxication and debauchery is almost expected.
Except, this young woman is different from the start and it’s clear she is on the run.
They can make comparisons to the classic fairytale of Snow White, but this is all too real. She could be the worst kind of trouble...

Fairy Tales: Reloaded

Down in Grimm's Dungeon- Volume 3

Original Tale- Thumbalina

Thumbelina, "It’s impossible." Jacquimo, "Impossible? Nothing is impossible."


RNA is fueled by the power of caffeine to get through her days. Or is it jitters and anxiety? When she's not working she's reading her infinite TBR while making sure her plants stay alive, or writing away at her various adult romances.

The Misfortunes of Tommelise

A hot, modern take on Thumbelina, where she ventures into the city for the first time and meets a handsome male. Driven by her connection and the promise to meet again, in this why choose version of darker themes, follow along as Tommelise finds her way back to her mates. Which dungeon will she find herself in? Her enemies or her mates?

Original Tales- Aladin/Sleeping Beauty

"Things are not always as they seem."

CJ Raine

CJ lives in sunny, South Florida with her husband, father, and fur baby, Maverick. She loves to dabble in all things romance, fantastical or realistic, so you will see some sweetness, some spice, and a little trauma and gore at times. She hopes you will tumble down the rabbit hole with her.

A Thousand Realms

Across the desert sands, there doth lie a land 

Where a precious flower sleeps in wait

For the arrival of  her destined mates

A djinn not bound by solid brass

A dragon cursed from lovers past

Air and fire entwine

To create a passion so sublime

To combat the darkness that threatens the realm

To bring peace and fortune back to the helm.

Original Tales- Aladin/Sleeping Beauty

“A woman doesn’t know how powerful her voice is until she has been silenced.”

Rhea Ryan

Rhea Ryan is a spicy writer of romance on the edge of dark and twisty. Each of her stories delves deep into matters of the heart and explores the darker side of human nature. After getting her MBA, she realized she had a desire and compulsion to write creatively. She lives in Western Canada with her husband, two young children and a fur baby.

Sea Queen: Reborn

To discover the truth of my sister’s demise, I must infiltrate the legendary Pearl Castle. The home of ancient magic and ruthless Atlantean Kings. Fuelled by a thirst for revenge, my path is paved with bloodshed. As I get swept away by the castle’s irresistible charms, treachery threatens to expose my true identity and I undergo a transformation that will shape my destiny. Now faced with imminent danger, will love and power be enough to save me from destruction?

Original Tale- Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Coming Soon!

Isabella Khalidi

Isabella Khalidi (pen name) is an adult dark fantasy & romance author. Her novels are deep and complex, filled with scorching romance that leaves the reader breathless and yearning for more. She is currently residing in a small town in Europe where she is finishing up her medical studies while simultaneously helping out in her local family owned shop. From an early age she has shown love for ancient lore and mythology, igniting her dream of one day becoming a successful author.

Buried Souls

There once was an old house deep in the woods, hidden away from the rest of the world. Its walls were haunted by ghosts and secrets long burried in the past. No one had ever dared to go near it, not until a woman with long gold locks and blazing blue eyes stumbled upon it one chilly autumn day. Now she is wandering its halls, the shadows whispering sweet promises that she longs to hear. They had warned her it wasn't safe, to not go lurking in the dark. But she couldn't stay away, and now must pay the price with her heart. Will it be enough.. or will he demand she surrender her soul?

Original Tale- Little Red Riding Hood

"Oh, God, your tongue is so big." 

"All the better to eat you with, my dear."

Abigail Hunter

Coming Soon!

Blood Princess

The wolves want revenge.

 As the last vampire princess, I must ascend before the Empusa moon rises, to take my rightful place as Queen of the Cardinal Kingdom. But the creatures of the Black Forest have other plans. Kidnapped and chained up in darkness, three wolves drag me out of their dungeon every night for their pleasure, holding me hostage, attempting to destroy the only chance I have to save my people. I will find a way to freedom and, when I do, not even the strongest wolf will be able to resist my power.

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