Coming August 31st 2024!!

As Fate would have it - A god/goddess retelling anthology

Step into a realm where the ancient tales of Sky Woman, Eros and Psyche, Hades and Persephone, Apollo and Hyacinthus, and Poseidon and Nerites are not mere stories but living, breathing entities whose essence permeates the very fabric of existence. In this enchanting anthology, five indie authors beckon you to a world where the lines between mortal and divine blur, where the unseen hand of fate intertwines with the deepest desires of the heart.


Within these pages, you will journey through the timeless landscapes of Native American lands and the celestial realms of Olympus, where the threads of destiny weave a tapestry of love, passion, and longing. With each tale, you will become immersed in the intricate dance between gods and mortals, as Sky Woman descends from the heavens to shape the native lands. Eros and Psyche navigate the labyrinth of desire, Hades and Persephone navigate the complexities of the dark underworld, Apollo and Hyacinthus explore the delicate balance between love and sacrifice, and Poseidon and Nerites find solace and passion beneath the waves.


Feel the whisper of ancient magic, the faint echo of forgotten chants, and the tantalizing brush of divine intervention. These sensual retellings will captivate your senses, drawing you deeper into a world where passion knows no bounds and destiny prevails over all.

Gods & Goddesses Retelling Anthology

Coming Aug 27th 2024

5 New Indie Romance Authors will be bringing a spicy retelling anthology of Gods and Goddesses from multiple cultures, Greek and Native American.

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